About Celtaxsys

Celtaxsys is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical development company focused on advancing novel foundational therapies to treat inflammation in rare, orphan designated diseases. Our flagship investigational medicine, oral once daily acebilustat, is aimed at preserving lung function in cystic fibrosis (CF) by specifically modulating key aspects of a dysregulated (i.e. over-activated) immune response. It is well known that an over-stimulated inflammatory response is the primary catalyst for the excessive morbidity and premature mortality associated with CF.  We aim to investigate whether treatment with acebilustat, in conjunction with existing therapies, helps patients return to homeostasis, or a more “normalized” immune response.  A more normalized immune response could lead to improved lung function and better quality of life for patients living with CF.

Celtaxsys is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with a subsidiary office in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

201 17th Street, Suite 530
Atlanta, GA 30363
Tel: 470-206-0153
Fax: 470-206-0154

Celtaxsys Aus Pty Limited
Level 15, 300 Queen Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Our Dedicated Team

Our team of accomplished industry professionals has substantial experience in discovering, developing and commercializing new therapies across a wide variety of disease states.  This experience enables us to bring important new medicines from the discovery phase all the way through to the market in a manner that can substantially upgrade the standard of care for patients. We believe in progressing drug development the right way by efficiently conducting studies that yield decisive outcomes. Our ultimate ambition is to help provide relief to people suffering from rare and serious inflammatory conditions because we steadfastly believe that by doing right by patients, we will succeed as a company.